Clear Quartz with Sage & Herb

Clear quartz is a master crystal and is an amplifier of any energy surrounding it or being put into it.   Burn this candle to promote Healing and Concentration with the botanical scents of Sage and Herbs.  

The crystals have been cleansed and charged in the light of the moon.  By combining the crystals in the candles we have transferred the energy of that stone which ensures the positive energy is emitted every time you light the candle. 

You can leave the crystals in your candle or take out to use immediately.  Over time, your crystals will sink into the wax as it melts. Use a small spoon to safely remove your crystals in order to use.  Simply clean your crystals with warm soapy water.

Clear Quartz Crystal with a few extras, gold container, gold drop on lid, beautifully presented in a wooden box.

Burn time more than 70 hours 

Height 11cm 


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